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Fabulous Wax Vendors!

I know I have been sort of on the low for a bit. I have been really going through a bump in life that I recently have gotten positive news about though, so I have high hopes to continue growing my blog and improving and finding amazing companies to share with you! My newest finds have been a hefty amount of small business wax vendors. The waxes bought on the shelf are completely lame compared to what I have discovered. This is just my Opinion though. The throw of these waxes are so incredible in which I will explain a little more about within each vendor.

Again, these are all small business vendors as I support them tremendously and hope you will discover and give them all as try! You are not only helping a small company to survive but to be completely honest, they are so much better then the big name sometimes! I love finding companies who are all natural and use no chemicals because I'm just big on that personally.

First up and this Vendor is the first vendor I checked out and is my number one!
Her wax throw is SO incredible and the scents she has created blow me away! Her list of scents offers a huge variety that she can create whatever you'd like combining scents as well as the ones she has created already! She too has the famous wax "brittle" that I talk so highly about. Cindy, I love you and you have helped me in ways youd never understand. I love your wax and it was you that got me hooked! ha ha.

Vendor: CindysWaxTarts
Etsy: CindysWaxTarts
IG: CindysWaxTarts
I NEED PLAYTIME [Bubblegum and Cotton Candy] 
Childhood Dreams
[all the yummie goodies you can remember from childhood all in one] 
Lemon Citrus Shot with a real lemon slice. [Lemon. Lemon. Lemon YUM] I mixed with bit of her TAKE ME AWAY brittle.

I will Update whenever I can with more pictures. You can also visit my IG @the_artisan_lifestyle
These are my Own pictures Unless I state otherwise.

Next Up:
This Vendor has very strong wax shots as well. Each Month she creates a Melt and gives $1.00 of the proceeds of that melt to a charity she has for that month. She offers singles, Sampler sets, lotion, and soon Scrubs in some of her wax scents. I adore this husband and wife as this is a couple small business, They work very hard to provide some awesome long lasting scents!

Vendor: The Scented Squirrel
Website: TheScentedSquirrel 
Facebook page:

"LINNEA" [Fresh Rain & Lavender]
 I use half at a time in my warmer as it is a strong thrower. :)
"ELENA" [ A blend of Magnolia, Orange Blossom, & Rose] 
I use a quarter of this at a time in my warmer. This is a Very strong thrower and it will last a long time as well. :) 
"FIZZY MONKEY" [ Fizzy Soda & Banana] Can I tell you How obsessed I am with this one. It is my absolute favorite scent from her. I have a few that I will hoard until springtime :)~ 

"INDIAN SUMMER" [Fallen Leaves] 
A very fall like scent that will get you into the fall time mood. 
"OCTOBER BONFIRE" [ Red hot Cinnamon, Graham Crackers, & Toasted Marshmallow] 
 This one is one of my favorites as well! I use a quarter and my whole room smells amazing and as if its October and Im out roasting marshmallows with the kids by the bonfire! Its so yummie!! 

One of her Samples she sent. I hope to see this one as a scent shot because it was GOOD! so yummie. The name says it all :)~

So in addition to WAX , Jess and Patricks the owners of The scented Squirrel will be selling whipped sugar scrub! I have the pleasure of testing one out for you so here it is! Im working on a small video as well to give you a better view.

<3 PEACE <3
The first thing I noticed when first trying this was WOW the scent!! Strong but very clean, refreshing, lingering. The notes of this consist of ginger, carnation, orange, vetiver, and musk. 
The consistency is very smooth but very thick! I feel tiny grains of sugar which is a excellent exfoliate to get the dead skin cells and dirt off our body! What I like about this scrub that I have not noticed with other scrubs is one, Its almost a waxy type smoothness but when you rinse it off it does not leave a icky residue nor a greasy layer over your skin. Washes off clear and the scent lingers on and on for hours. Its been 2 hours since I been to the bathroom and I still smell it. Pretty nice. Im very pleased with this product. In my personal opinion, this is going to be a HOT item. I mean Im totally excited to see what other scents they will make! 

I mean those Bubbles!!!! Ive tested many soaps and that is a deep love is the lather of a soap. if you have no lather, your doing it wrong. :)~
Great Scrub! Moisturizing and love the scent!

Scent description is Awapuhi Seaberry, Sea Moss, Driftwood, sand, Violet, Jasmine, Lily Rose.
The lotion comes in a 4OZ container, in which is perfect for me because I dont like to go overboard with lotion as My skin is pretty well taken care of and doesn't get very dry! But I do find use mostly in the summer because I love the beach and the ocean water can dry my skin a bit as well as hitting up pools where we all know Chlorine can do a number on our skin and hair as well! The scent is very fresh and lingers long on the skin. I know I had let my daughter use some before school the one day and she mentioned to me later that evening that she could smell the lotion all day in school! The teacher even complimented her! :) This is not a greasy lotion by any means. One of the very great things about this lotion is just that. I do NOT like super greasy lotions that make my skin feel like it cant breathe. This is very nourishing and slick but is well balanced lotion. It is fast absorbing into the skin and doesn't leave any residue. 

Here is the current Price list as of 5/2017

The Scented Squirrel Price guide:
Scrubs 8 OZ* $11.50
Scent Shots* $1.75 
Clams* $3.25
Linen/Body Spray* $6
Body Oil* $7
Lotion 4OZ* $7
Wax Brittle 4OZ* $4.25
Chunks 3OZ* $3.25
6 Pk Melts* $4.25
Epsom Salt Soaks 8OZ* $6
Wax Shapes* Price Varys- See website for actual price!

Is there a scent you may have seen on a previous restock but is no longer on the site? Do you have a blend in mind that has never been on a restock before? The scented Squirrel does Custom Orders as well! Here is the link if you are interested, including special pricing. CUSTOM ORDERS 

Vendor: MaybeeSomeday -Julia
Vendor Website: MaybeeSomeday Wax Cartel 

Another Great
 Vendor is Julia owner of MaybeeSomeday Wax co. I have recieved a generous amount of wax in such a HUGE variety that I am just so super excited to show you! 
I have yet to have come across one I haven't liked. 
Is this not a beautiful assortment of wax just by the looks?
Now lets get into the smell. Ill talk a little bit about the scents. 
This is my first favorite of her wax that I burned and can I just tell you, This had be hanging around my warmer sniffing like a weirdo for awhile. I couldn't draw myself away because....well...the fizzy soda in this first of all. ...but the Raspberry came through and sponge cake too. A perfect combination that I would definitely buy if she created this one again! I love how she did a gradient type look with this one as I also love the decoration she used with the tiny little white balls and glitters.

This one is so dreamy!!!! a blend of pumpkin, vanilla and fluffy Marshmallows!! I felt like I was standing in my mothers kitchen while she made a pumpkin pie and we whipping the creamy fluffy topping for the top! The fall is serious in session and this one just starts it off!
The little gold bits on top clearly make this wax  look like a million bucks! 

My Next one is a bigger wax. I have to cut it down the middle so that it doesn't overflow my wax burner. haha. :)~
Meet Fizzy Fruit Loops! Just what it says:
A blend of fruit loops and Lemon-Lime fizzy soda!
I think this one could use a bit more fizzy in it but maybe im just saying that because i love the fizzy soda scent. :)~ This is a very generous wax melt. Im addicted to that bubbly bowl of fruit loops! Oh, and so is my little daughter. Coming through the door, she can spot a good wax. Takes after her mama. :) :)

This one:
When I burned this one, I could smell just about each of the notes. Im not just saying that. Id think Im smelling apples....i smell lots of lemon and lime.....A deeper scent but still fruity and balanced. I love the Orange and cinnamon that comes through. I really really enjoyed this one. Its beautiful as well. the gold and orange make this look mouthwatering. BUT wait till you smell it because it will really make your mouth water, it is that good!

Again, this one is as big as my hand. I think this one needed a little more lavender to it as the cupcake came through as the more overpowering scent in this one. I do adore the color and just how pretty this is. I still have half so I will give it another try and see if I can not figure out what it is. 

More Vendors to come....
[Disclaimer]I was sent many of these wax shots from vendors in exchange for my honest thoughts and to help them out. I did make purchases as well. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

[Children BOOK] Would a Worm Go On A Walk?

A Wise woman told me, reading to your children from infant on up will create a reader who enjoys reading. As this can be an opinion, I see the truth in it. I read to my daughter while in my belly and continued as she grew. She is now eight years old and though struggles with some lengthy books, shes a pretty overall great reader! She loves her books about princesses and animals and curious George but she finds a real passion for Christian books talking about God and teaching lessons about life!
The book "Would A Worm Go On A Walk?' Written by Hannah C. Hall introduces children to the idea that animals are uniquely created and uses a silly fun story to share that! It brings the understanding that God created everyone very good with unique strengths. The comical illustrations by Bill Bolton are simply amazing! The bright colors catch the eye of the reader and the words are easily readable as well as spread evenly throughout the book. This book is written for ages 4-7 years old but my eight year old loves it! She couldn't wait to read it and put it on her bookshelf after sharing it with her grandparents, feeling so proud to be able to read it!

This book is such a adorable book suitable for both little girls and boys! The message is one that will not be hard to grasp and certainly is important for kids to be able to know that animals are created in a unique way with different strengths as well. Humans and animals are different but we are all created by God. Its a Beautiful book and I would recommend this as a gift or even for a church teacher. Its great for anyone to read and thankful to have been given the chance to enjoy this with my daughter. 
 If you are interested in this book, you can find it here : Would A Worm Go On A Walk? 

I received this book for review purposes through flyby promotions. These thoughts we gathered from experience with the actual book. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask || Review

Looking to Detoxify your skin?
I was sent an amazing clay mask to review from Valentia. I have used other products from this company before and let me just say, I highly recommend this company because their products DO work and DO improve the skin. After using this clay mask my face not only was extremely clean and free of any dirt particles in and around my pores but my skin felt smooth, so soft and as if I just came out of a salon after getting a facial. We all know facials are not cheap by any means and this practically did the job for me. It has a beautiful fruity fragrance.  Not overpowering at all but enough for you to smell it and its delightful. This clay mask draws out impurities, significantly reduces pore size,  & improves skin tone. I have used it several times and I absolutely love how my skin feels afterwards. My face feels firm and I really like that!

The texture of the mask is creamy but has Hibiscus & cranberry fibers in it so it gives a good exfoliate that is not too rough. I didn't feel much of a tingle with this mask which is good but I did notice that when I wiped the mask off my face was a bit red that later disappeared. I believe since this has Kaolin Clay in it that the redness was from the clay pulling the impurities to the surface of my skin. I wouldn't recommend this mask for someone with sensitive skin and if you do want to try it, I would spot check it first to be sure of no reaction. 

How To Use:
Generously apply on face carefully avoiding the eye area. Leave on your skin for 15-20 minutes or until mask dries. Wipe it off with a damp cloth soaked in warm water. As the mask has natural fibers use circular motions to remove the mask helping to slough off dead skin and exfoliate.
I received this mask for testing purposes, these are my thoughts formulated by experience with the actual product, All thoughts are my own. 
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Friday, May 13, 2016

-Naming soaps -

Hi! A nice way to help a company out is something as small as Naming a soap for them! I had the pleasure of helping the company Nat-urality name a soap this past month!
Seaglass is what I chose! 

 It takes you away with notes of Italian bergamot, seaberries, fresh ocean air; with hints of geranium, 
jasmine, and fresh rose petals; ending with white
Smells so Clean! Thank you Nat-urality for choosing this name as I feel that it fits this soap perfectly! :)

P.s I keep eyeing up that Mermaid soap! GORGEOUS!!! 
Check them out!

Friday, May 6, 2016


May is Celiac Awareness Month! Love With Food has partnered up with Enjoy Life Foods this month, so everything in the box is not only Gluten-Free, but also non-GMO and free of dairy & the other top allergens. KC the G-Free Foodie curates our Gluten-Free box, and makes certain every product is Celiac-safe and delicious.

One Winner will score a YEAR of the Celiac-safe Love With Food Gluten-Free Box curated by KC the G-Free Foodie and a bag full of  Allergen-Free Swag from Enjoy Life Foods!

Two more Winners will receive a 3-Month Love With Food Membership.

Contest runs through May 31st.

Celiac Awareness Month Giveaway

Interested in enjoying Love With Food Monthly? Enjoy Your first month at 50% with my link

Gluten-Free Box

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{CLOSED} Those Baby Shower Memories & [ Dreft Giveaway!]

Time sure does soar once you have become a parent! I can remember back to when I carried my little girl in my belly for exactly 41 weeks! I think how did I ever get through it? :)~ Though most of my pregnancy was harsh up until 8 months, the ALL DAY sickness (what I called it)  & the kicking of the ribs, flip flopping at night, running to the little girls room more frequently, the best part about it all was it was worth it! It was worth a healthy smart beautiful little girl who is now 8! I think back to when I had my surprise baby shower & that moment is embedded in my mind and heart forever! It was the first time I was actually "surprised" because I knew nothing about it! The amount of love and support my friends and family showed us was beyond measure! I saw faces I hadn't seen in years, who came out to shower my soon baby girl :) She was spoiled then, and is still spoiled. One of my favorite things was my Noahs Ark cake. It was SO adorable! We had delicious food & played fun baby related games! There were even prizes! I received so many gifts that it took me over two hours to open everything! If I can remember, besides the basic clothes, bottles, bath, & diapers, laundry detergent was a main gift! I knew once my little girl arrived i'd be confident she would not suffer from allergies in detergent! 

What a lot of new parents might not realize is that the proper laundry detergent is important for baby even as they grow. Dreft always makes me think of these good baby memories when I smell the fresh baby scent! For the first half of my daughters first year, I used Dreft as it was the best detergent for my baby! Dreft believes that for many moms and dads, doing baby’s laundry is more than just an ongoing chore – it serves as a way to relish in the amazing moments and stages of babyhood. I too, feel the same. As babies grow and develop, laundry needs change for both little ones and their families, which is why Dreft introduced a line of laundry products that are specially designed for different stages of babyhood.

Stage 1: Newborn
Stage 2: Active Baby
Blissfuls -The long lasting baby scented in-wash scent boosters brings you back to that ever so precious moment of baby's first year!

Dreft Facts:
 xx  Dreft is the #1 baby laundry detergent choice of pediatricians
xx #1 dermatologist recommended brand for baby clothes.
xx Dreft Newborn and Active Baby detergents are gentle and hypoallergenic on baby’s sensitive skin

Meet Catherine and Sean Lowe from reality show "The Bachelor" who have a partnership with Dreft.

Sean and Catherine Lowe from the reality TV show “The Bachelor” are expecting a child and Dreft has partnered with them to share their beautiful, messy moments of parenthood. For the first year they will be giving fans a glimpse into their lives as they journey into #amazinghood. Just last week, Dreft threw them a “Loads of Love” baby shower where the couple was showered with all the love, support and essentials needed to prepare them for the arrival of their precious new baby. As with all babies there will be tons of baby clothes to wash.  The Lowes were certain to make sure Dreft was on their baby registry as their parents used it, friends recommended it and it got them even more excited about their new arrival.

ONE Lucky Winner will be winning a Dreft “Baby Shower” Package 
(ARV $75) which will include:

Must be 21 to Enter and have a US Mailing address. No PO. Boxes please. 
 “This post and giveaway were made possible by iConnect and Dreft. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine."

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