Friday, March 29, 2019

Vote here! #Waxmelts #Blendedwithlove

 Love showing support to my small business vendors out there! There are well over 200 amazing ones that I know of or supported in some way! Now is your chance to show a little kindness and support of your own!

Please help me by voting [you can vote every 24 hours if you’d like] for this delightful company very deserving of this grant from Fed Ex!

And of course if you’d like to check out her shop and see for yourself I’m sure you will not be disappointed!
Here are some links below!

Main website: Blended with Love
Owner: Ashley Conner
Facebook: Blended With Love Facebook page- Come join in the fun!
Instagram: Check her out on IG! 💗

I have to add.... there are many creative Wax melt vendors but if you look you’ll see a ton of beauty and creativity in her work!

I may just go place a order now! 😃💕

Don’t forget to VOTE!!!!

Happy living everyone! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New year! I’m Back!

Hi y’all!! I can tell you that 2018 was definitely a year to slide in the far pages of an old book!! Lots of lessons learned, emotions to slowly accept. I’m healing gradually and can say am in a much better place than before. One thing is for sure I never gave up on my passion! -Supporting hard working small businesses and have grown as a person and have found some nice people along the way! What is everyone looking forward to for 2019?! I feel a good year is in store! Just feeling good vibes! How about you? I’m looking to find some new awesome products to shar and introduce to you all. My kids are wanting to be like mommy and want to find their own niche! One wants to start a makeup YouTube channel-  she recievied a bunch of makeup she wants to start with. I see her learning ways to apply makeup and getting into the new trends! I’m excited for her! I always want to encourage the kids to do what wxcites them! As long as school and important things come first and it’s something age appropriate I’m okay. The youngest is big into slime making, squishies and new this year FASHION!!!!! She loves to get new clothes and is totally her own person with her own style!!! She also wants to try The Whole Vegetarian our. So looking for healthy lifestyles in her future as well! Which leads me to this- what are some of your goals and focused lifestyle you hope to achieve or find this year?!

Friday, November 24, 2017

would you like to see some of my recipes?

I have been thinking about creating some of my favorite meals and making a section for recipes and how to's. What do you guys think? Lemme know. :)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Luna Wax Melts

I came across a new company called Luna Wax company who specializes in making wax melts. I found them through Instagram where I saw this adorable Pig! Instantly I fell in love with him. I knew I had to check this company out because I had never seen that pig before! So the owner Amy Dawson and I talked about reviews and I was sent a few different scents to burn and give her some input on her wax, the throw and the presentation.  

Friday, October 27, 2017

 Tons Of way to Enter!!

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MUSCLE MX [Pain Reliver Balm]

As I was scrolling through Instagram one day, I came across a giveaway that a company was hosting Muscle MX . It was for two Full Size CBD balms. I have been on the lookout for a real CBD infused product. I suffer with pain often. As a person who suffers with mental illness, depression being part of it. some days my body just wont let me move! on top of that, I suffer with migraines. My skin gets sensitive to the touch, and I have consistent pain from my should surgery a few years back. When I got this I thought, Ill give it a shot! I was completely blown away that this "really does work!" By my own experience I haven't had much relief from other products but this is a staple for me. It works perfect for helping my migraines. I rub the balm behind my neck as well as my temples. It eases the headaches at least to the point of not feeling nauseas. Their are two balms that work together to relieve pain.

Use the Activate on your muscles, joints and tendons prior to any activity to help prevent injury.Perfectly formulated to provide short and long term pain relief and inflammation reduction while stimulating the blood flow and increasing circulation and mobility for your active lifestyle. Rub this on your elbows for tennis elbow. Rub this on your wrist for those who suffer with carpal tunnel. Helps pain in areas that were injured. 
I use this before I exercise and after stretching.
RECOVERY is designed to help prevent and treat excessive soreness, muscle fatigue, inflammation, joint pain, simple back pain and minor aches and pains.
Whether you're an athlete, weekend warrior or just dealing with the aches and pains of getting older, RECOVERY stops pain fast. This has such a cooling effect that I use this for my headaches and it seems to make them feel better! 
first pic includes a Linen spray from Little Olive tree co. A rollerball essential oil from Midnight Dahlia company. Along with the ACTIVATE balm!

Right NOW
There are too things Id like to add....

Who wants to just try these out to see if these are right for you?
You can get both MINI size balms- Just pay shipping!

For 20% off your total go here 20% 

disclaimer, something I just wanted to share and am passionate about as it helps me. I am  not paid to share this info.